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5 smart ideas for agents who want to stay nimble in uncertain times

Article originally published by Inman Connect.

Agents who were able to pivot quickly and take ownership of their client lists early on in the pandemic can serve as a model for navigating the uncertain times to come, according to two moderators at Inman Connect Las Vegas. As the U.S. home market transitions from its frenzied pandemic heights to an uncertain next chapter, Amie Quirarte of Tahoe Luxury Properties and Kymber Menkiti of Keller Williams laid out a checklist of priorities for agents who want to stay ahead of the curve. Here are their five tips for agents

1. Turn challenges into opportunities

When the pandemic-related closures first took their toll on the economy, agents generally fell into one of two camps: those who hit pause, and those who took the initiative to act, Quirarte said. “The ones who jumped in when it was uncomfortable, their business went through the roof,” Quirarte said. “The people that hung back … they didn’t do as well.” When future events hit, the agents who succeed the most will be the ones who navigate the new environment proactively, she said.

2. Lean into the power of adaptability and flexibility

When circumstances on the ground change, it’s important not to keep approaching things the same way, Menkiti said.

Agents with the ability to not only pivot when things change, but pivot swiftly, will be in a better position than those who are still acting on old information, she said.

3. Own your database and your relationships

The moderators also doubled down on the importance of checking in regularly on clients, past and present.

Quirarte said letting your database of clients sit idly is a recipe for losing those clients, or simply not being in position to help them with the next transaction they have in mind.

In an increasingly crowded field of agents, repeat customers are increasingly important to seek out and prioritize, Menkiti said.

4. Don’t wait to be comfortable

One impulse agents have to fight back against is staying within their comfort zone in times of change.

The moderators reiterated that agents who acted with intention in the early phase of the pandemic were in a better position when the market’s rebound arrived.

“The big lesson there is that we can’t wait until something is comfortable, because it might be too late then,” Quirarte said.

5. ‘Do you’

Lastly, Menkiti and Quirarte both stressed the importance of agents staying true to the topics they know best and love most.

This tip isn’t just for the agent’s enjoyment, they said — it lends the agent an air of authenticity when they interact with prospective clients.

One area this can play out in is at community events. If an agent doesn’t like dogs but loves wine, a wine club might be a better place to network than a pet drive, they said.

Ultimately, focusing on the subjects that resonate with the agent will help them stand out in any market, Menkiti said.

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